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Standard Design Headquarters



This Standard Design replaces the existing Brigade and Battalion Headquarters standards, which were developed in the 1980’s. These new standards were necessitated by Army Transformation, which elevates the brigade headquarters to a higher mission than it previously held. The brigades now perform intelligence, operations and communications functions that were formerly associated with a division headquarters. The brigade headquarters has missions and capabilities that require specialized space that is also needed in a limited number of specialized battalion headquarters. These missions and capabilities translate into the need for most brigades to have an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for controlling mission operations while they are in progress, a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) for processing certain types of classified information, and a Network Operations Center (NOC) to manage the information systems inside their footprint. The new standard design addresses each of these types of spaces as well as special security requirements that dictate specific construction standards and access restrictions that suggest traffic patterns and control points within the facility.

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