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Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center



As a result of BRAC 2005 recommendations, religious training and education functions and facilities throughout the U.S. Military will be consolidated at Ft. Jackson, SC. This new Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center (AFCC) will be co-located with the existing Army Chaplain Center and School at Fort Jackson. The AFCC consists of the Naval Chaplain’s School (NCS), the Air Force Chaplain Service Institute (AFCSI) and the Inter-Service Training Facility (ISTF). All these major components contain classrooms and office space; in addition, the ISTF contains a 300-seat auditorium.

The AFCC project included 13,476 SF for the AFCSI, 17,936 SF for the NCS and 14,469 SF for the ISTF. The total square footage for the JCERTE facility is 45,881 SF.

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