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Army Special Forces Rowe Training Facility



This project modernized and expanded the SOF Rowe Training Facility, providing vital base operations and soldier support services currently unavailable at this remote location (35 miles from Fort Bragg). Phase I included a cadre support building (11,211 SF), two new toilet/shower buildings (4,791 SF each), a separate latrine for the 1st Special Warfare Training Group (195 SF), and a new separate laundry building (3,134 SF). The new Phase II design for the SOF Rowe Training Facility consists of a 17,858 SF, 251-500 person Dining Facility and a 12,024 SF Ready State Building. The DFAC will replace an undersized facility built in the 1980’s; the isolation facility provides mission planning and housing for the special ops trainees. The new dining facility will provide increased and improved feeding capabilities. Phase III includes four Ready State buildings, and the Rowe Phasing Charrette. This document will assist in planning utility connections and exact building locations in interim phases, as well as in setting funding for SF 1391 development.

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